Philip K. Dick in Orange County

I had the privilege to be the professor of a class on digital literary studies that created a website about Philip K. Dick and his life in Orange County, the last ten years of his life (right up until Bladerunner was about to hit it big). I remain what i like to call Head Curator for the site, which will have a launch event in Fall, 2014. Check it out…and please like our Facebook page. We had wanted to get over 100 for the Summer, and are currently at 142…but i hope to get over 250 in the Fall…

Here’s an excerpt from our Facebook’s “About” page:

Philip K Dick in Orange County is an exploration of PKD’s presence in Orange County.

We are a class, English 475: Digital Literary Studies, that met on the California State University, Fullerton campus in Spring, 2014, and became fascinated with PKD’s special relationship with our campus. This multi-page, multimedia website is the result. Click on the link to view the webiste.


By davidsandner

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