PKD Projects

New Essay Collection

Out this month from McFarland! My new collection exploring the influence of the incomparable PKD. With Jonathan Lethem, Ursula Heise, Tim Powers and James Blaylock, Gregg Rickman, and more….

Here’s some links to enjoy:

A bigger version of Felipe Flores map (right)

Steampunk’s Origins at CSUF

2015 PKD Art Show and Zine

PKD in the OC

The website that started it all for me. A site I designed with my students in 2014. The gems here include Google maps “tours” of places PKD lived in Orange County, and of places he wrote about in his books, plus a student interview with Powers, CSUF’s relationship with PKD explained…and more archived materials about PKD in the OC. Check it out!

Direct Links:

The Literary Maps

Special Collections, CSUF, and PKD

Tim Powers Interview

The website SF at CSUF explores SF at CSUF, built for the 2016 International Philip K. Dick Conference held on campus. Includes archives of sf works in Special Collections, a discussion of Steampunk (invented by CSUF writers), archives of campus pulp collections, the conference schedule, and more…



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