Scholarship on the Fantastic and the Sublime

Forthcoming work includes the entry “Fantasy” for the Cambridge History of Children’s Literature: Origins to 1832

Philip K. Dick Collection up for pre-sale!


“Bury Them Deeper” appears in extreme horror anthology D.O.A. III

Here’s the copy from Amazon, where you can buy this book now!

After six years and more than fifty authors, the Unholy Trinity is complete. This third installment in the DOA series offers thirty stories from the originators of splatterpunk as well as the newest voices in extreme horror.

You’ll laugh…you’ll cry…you’ll vomit.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Stories from Bentley Little -Jack Ketchum & Edward Lee – Shane Mckenzie – Wrath James White – Richard Christian Matheson – Kristopher Triana – T.M. McLean – Sean Eads & Joshua Viola – T. Fox Dunham – John Skipp – Luciano Marano – Ryan Harding – Kristopher Rufty – Daniel I. Russell – LLoyd Kaufman & Lily Hayes Kaufman – David Sandner – Betty Rocksteady – C.M. Saunders – K. Trap Jones – Hal Bodner – Adrian Ludens – C. Cameron Rossi – Alistair Rennie – Airika Sneve – Christoph Weber – Garrett Cook – Eric J. Guignard – Jeff Strand – Jaap Boekestein – John McNee.



Read my story “Crack” at Dissections,

My story, “Crack” appeared in online horror magazine, Dissections, in 2019. You can read it now!

The Detail Man Will Jacques


The Cry of Those Waiting Under the Bridge

This poem appeared in Weird Tales in 1999.

The Cry of Those Waiting Under the Bridge

If not for the water
drip, drop, dripping
down the tendrils sagging
below the rotting bridge–
if not for the water
tip, tap, tapping
on the smooth stone protruding
from the cold and brackish stream–
if I had not been sitting on that stone
for countless days unending
listening to that
drip, drop, dripping–
if my blood were not the black water,
if my heart were not the smooth stone,
if my eyes were not holes a-gaping–
if only this world were fading
and this stinking stream rolling back upon itself
like a hand into a fist–

yes, if I could fall back into stone
and leave off this long waiting
drip, drop, dripping,
then I would let the stranger slowly walking,
trip, trap, tripping
across my bridge,
pass unharmed and unremembered,
but for this endless madness
drip, drop, dripping,
I will make this stranger a hero
in a tale I did not write.


“Goblin Moon” and “Counter Clockwise Sideways Down (4am in Wonderland)” in Horror Magazine Dissections

Two of my poems, “Goblin Moon” and “Counter Clockwise Sideways Down (4am in Wonderland),” are up at the online horror magazine Dissections. Check them out.


Revising Horror (The Wrong Mouth)

“Revising Horror (The Wrong Mouth)” is a poem published in one of the last print issues of Mythic Delirium #28, Spring, 2013.

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My essay, “Rambles in the Fantastic: Digital Mapping Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and The Last Man” Accepted in Spaces of the Fantastic. forthcoming from Routledge

“Rambles in the Fantastic: Digital Mapping Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and The Last Man” Accepted in Spaces of the Fantastic, Edited by David Punter (University of Bristol) and C. Bruna Mancini (Universitá della Calabria), for publication by Routledge Press. More as details (a table of contents, a cover, a pub. date) become available.



My Chapter, “Fantasy,” is forthcoming in the Cambridge History of Children’s Literature, Origins to 1832

More when this title comes closer to publication!



The Frankenstein Meme

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The finished website will produce a number of related scholarly projects. I will announce the first one soon!

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