David Sandner is my name.

I am a writer of the weird (new, old and in-between), moving between popular genres: science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror. I am an English Professor at California State University, Fullerton. I teach creative writing, popular genre literartures, and Romanticism, an era of revolution and poetry in early 19th-century Britain. My scholarship centers on the history of the fantastic, especially its criticism, moving back from now to the 18th century, with special attention to genre’s relationship to the sublime. My creative and scholarly work has been published in leading magazines, journals, anthologies, and collections in my fields. I am the author and editor of scholarly books. I am marketing a historical novel, The Triumph of Death, a mystery with Mary Shelley as its protagonist. I am organizing a conference on the writer Philip K. Dick, whose papers reside in CSUF’s Special Collections, for Spring 2016.

I have lived and worked up and down the West Coast of the US and this blog is a place where I hope to think about some of the weirdness here, inherent in this place, the Left Coast, my home…and I am dedicated to blogging my way through the PKD Conference with some of my students over at our SF in CSUF website. Check out the links page for these related sites!


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