What’s new? Novella Mingus Fingers, collection Philip K. Dick: Essays of the Here and Now, and the opening of the Zines to the Future! Exhibit

What’s coming? The Frankenstein Meme, the book, exploring Mary Shelley’s influence on literature; Egyptian Motherlode, a novel co-written with Jacob Weisman, about funk music and alternate realities; and The Triumph of Death, a Mary Shelley mystery.

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Enter the Atrium Gallery, Pollak Library, Cal State Fullerton and view the Exhibit!

Enter the Zines to the Future! Exhibit

I curated The Zines to the Future! Exhibit on the history of sf zines, mounted in the Atrium Gallery of the Pollak Library, October-December, 2020. See rare, early zines from the beginning of science fiction.

Mingus Fingers from Fairwood Press

New novella Mingus Fingers!

Co-written with Jacob Weisman, released by Fairwood Press, Mingus Fingers is a novella about Jazz and a young boy who uses music to bend reality…part of our novel, Egyptian Motherlode, about a Funk musician with strange powers named The Prophet.

New collection (2020)

Philip K. Dick, Essays of the Here and Now

A collection of essays on PKD’s rise to literary prominence, drawn from the 2016 International PKD Conference (that I Chaired). Highlights include keynotes by Jonathan Lethem and Ursula Heise.


(ABOVE) Check out an Interactive StoryMap on the Secret History of Zines for the Zines to the Future! Project. How do you tell the history of zines when zines don’t want their history told?

(LEFT) Check out stories and poems of mine, free online or available for purchase

ENTER THE FRANKENSTEIN MEME SITE, exploring Mary Shelley’s literary influence

If they’re not going to give us the future, we’re going to have to make it ourselves