The Cry of Those Waiting Under the Bridge

This poem appeared in Weird Tales in 1999.

The Cry of Those Waiting Under the Bridge

If not for the water
drip, drop, dripping
down the tendrils sagging
below the rotting bridge–
if not for the water
tip, tap, tapping
on the smooth stone protruding
from the cold and brackish stream–
if I had not been sitting on that stone
for countless days unending
listening to that
drip, drop, dripping–
if my blood were not the black water,
if my heart were not the smooth stone,
if my eyes were not holes a-gaping–
if only this world were fading
and this stinking stream rolling back upon itself
like a hand into a fist–

yes, if I could fall back into stone
and leave off this long waiting
drip, drop, dripping,
then I would let the stranger slowly walking,
trip, trap, tripping
across my bridge,
pass unharmed and unremembered,
but for this endless madness
drip, drop, dripping,
I will make this stranger a hero
in a tale I did not write.


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Revising Horror (The Wrong Mouth)

“Revising Horror (The Wrong Mouth)” is a poem published in one of the last print issues of Mythic Delirium #28, Spring, 2013.

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Pre-sale open for New Poem Forthcoming in HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VI

The collection is up for pre-sale!

My poem, “A Killer Doesn’t Kill Because He Has a Knife,” is forthcoming in the new Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase. A link to the book will appear when pre-orders are available. The work includes poetry by Mike Arnzen and others. The cover reveal and ToC is now out!

Below is the TOC (although the order will be slightly adjusted upon print):

  1. In the City of Dead Dreams… by John Claude Smith
  2. Song of the Tinkerer by WC Roberts
  3. American Body Horror by Trisha J. Wooldridge
  4. Depths Yawned Wide by Travis Heermann
  5. Thalassophobia by Timothy P Flynn
  6. Discovery by Terrie Leigh Relf
  7. It is Forever Stalking You by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
  8. Stringed Pearls by Stephanie Ellis
  9. Diaphanous by Sara Tantlinger
  10. There Are Mermaids with Fangs Beyond the Waters of Fukushima by Saba Syed Razvi
  11. Neighbors by Robert Catinella
  12. The Temptress by Rissa Miller
  13. Release by Susan Musch
  14. Crone by Querus Abuttu (Dr. Q.)
  15. Conception by Peter Adam Salomon
  16. A Return to Chaos by Pete Mesling
  17. Dance Macabre by Owl Goingback
  18. The Art by Nicole Cushing
  19. Silken Whispers, Crimson Blooms by Naching T. Kassa
  20. Conjuring Monsters by Monica S. Kuebler
  21. Regarding Me by Michael H. Hanson
  22. Shades of Red by Michael Bailey
  23. He Carves Wood by Michael Arnzen
  24. Lava by Mary Turzillo
  25. Not Enough by Marty Young
  26. The Exile by Marge Simon
  27. Collection by Lori R. Lopez
  28. Meeting the Elemental by Lisa Morton
  29. Lighthouse by Lisa Lepovetsky
  30. Dear Christine by Lee Murray
  31. Possession by Ingrid L. Taylor
  32. Terroir by Gerri Leen
  33. Suitcase Tombstones by G.O. Clark
  34. The Pathways of R’lyeh by Frank Coffman
  35. Nothing by EV Knight
  36. Good Until the Last Drop by E. Schraeder
  37. Star by Donna Lynch
  38. A Killer Doesn’t Kill Because He Has a Knife by David Sandner
  39. Scylla’s Proposition by David Powell
  40. White night and Black Stars by Curtis M. Lawson
  41. Stardust by Colleen Anderson
  42. When There Are Monsters by Christina Sng
  43. In the Key of He by Chad Stroup
  44. Lepus antilocapra by Carina Bissett
  45. Victim by Anna Taborska
  46. In Our Last Darkness by Ann K. Schwader
  47. Give Me Your Six by Amanda Hard
  48. Home Inspection by Adele Gardner
  49. Apotemnophilia by Deborah L. Davitt
  50. Secret by Robert Payne Cabeen