Fantastic Literature: A Critical Reader

My edited collection outlining the historical shape of the critical debates about the nature of the fantastic, Fantastic Literature: A Critical Reader (Praeger, 2004). ISBN 978-0-275-98053-5 Available for purchase at ABC-Clio–Praeger. Here’s the product description: Culls together important criticism of fantastic literature from Plato and Aristotle to present critics. Unprecedented in range and scope, this volume serves asContinue reading “Fantastic Literature: A Critical Reader”

The Fantastic Sublime

My first book, The Fantastic Sublime: Romanticism and Transcendence in Children’s Fantasy Literature (Praeger, 1996). ISBN 978-0-313-30084-4 and eISBN 978-0-313-02977-6 Still available for purchase at the ABC-Clio site. Here’s the description: Examines the ways in which Romanticism took part in the revolution of the view of fantasy literature, arguing that nineteenth-century children’s fantasy cultivated a new image of childrenContinue reading “The Fantastic Sublime”

Philip K. Dick in Orange County

I am head curator of Philip K. Dick in Orange County, a website about Philip K. Dick and his life in Orange County, the last ten years of his life (right up until Bladerunner was about to hit it big), created with my fabulous 2014 Digital Literary Studies class. The site launched Fall, 2014, withContinue reading “Philip K. Dick in Orange County”